Local Food in Ashe County NC

Ashe County, NC has lots of local food options for you to enjoy on your trip to the mountains! Take a look at this list of recommendations for all things local food in Ashe County NC! There’s nothing better than tasting local to truly understand and appreciate an area and its people!

Ashe County Cheese

People come from all over the country to try Ashe County Cheese. Ashe County Cheese produces a large variety of cheeses, like pepper jack, marble, and cheddar. Visitors should visit the factory to see the cheese made and then visit the store to sample and purchase cheese. They also opened a food truck using their cheese to make sandwiches and fried cheese curds. Ashe County Cheese is the only cheese factory in the state of North Carolina.

Fresh Produce

Ashe County is known for its fresh produce and has several stands and markets where you can purchase or pick your own. Welches Produce, located in Jefferson, is a great option to purchase local items at a great price. During the growing and harvest season, visitors should check out the Ashe County Farmers Market for produce, meats, and fruits that are grown locally. Old Orchard Creek Farm is an awesome pick-your-own blueberry farm. The blueberries are amazing and the farm is even better. It is truly a beautiful destination and an overall great experience. Good Ashe Lavender Farm is also a fun place to visit where you can pick your own lavender! Both of these farms are located in Lansing and are open during the harvest season which is generally July.

Local Honey

There are several local honey producers in Ashe County. The region has richly flavored, delicious honey. Visitors can find local honey at farmers’ markets, specialty stores, or directly from beekeepers. The Honey Hole, a local specialty store in downtown West Jefferson, as well as Ashe County Farmers Market, is a great place to try local honey.


With the New River in our backyard, Ashe County, NC offers great locations to fish, particularly for trout. Trout is a popular specialty in Ashe and there are many different ways to eat it.


North Carolina is known for its barbeque, and Ashe County is no exception. There are several local restaurants and food trucks that serve barbeque in whatever way you prefer, pulled pork or ribs, served with a special Carolina-style sauce. Try Smoky Mountain Barbeque or Kristin’s Hook’d on Smoke food truck.

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